Equity based Software Engineering Roles

Equity based Software Engineering Roles in our Incubated Companies

Earn stock for Code

We are looking for the best coders in New England. You will earn "stock for coding" We are looking for talented engineers who have some bandwidth to work with these "prefunded" startup. It's a way to be involved and contribute before a company is actually formed. We can handle the "work from home" with our startups but understand once the funding comes and we are hiring our "full time" team, we want people who will commit to being in the office.


We have owned stock in numerous success companies which include: Bladelogic (public then acquired by BMC) Speechworks (public then acquire by Nuance), Endeca (Oracle), and Vermeer (Microsoft), just to mention a few.


Current stock holdings include: Dropbox, bit9 / Carbon Black, Nuodb, Diffeo, ZappRx, just to mention a few.


Engineers interested in Stock for Code

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