Recruiter Coaches

Work @ HTV

* Individual contributors

* Stable career history. Ideally 3-5 year stints at each company. Can be really early in their career (min 3 years employment). Would consider more senior as long as working as an individual contributor

* Ability to work some evenings


* Our recruiter/coaches will typically have skills or interest in the following 3 areas.

      - Sales: critical to really know how to qualify. Should be excellent at moving the process along.

      - Market research: can research and understand how investments are made and how startups grow.

      - Coaching: ability to deliver and implement HTV's trademark 'marketability model', our tool for career planning, and assessing and improving the likelihood of a company's success, based on talent analysis and hiring


      Associates in the past have early stock in some of the hottest startups in the States. They include: Bladelogic (public then acquired by BMC), Bit9/Carbon Black, Veracode and Speechworks (public then acquire by Nuance), Endeca (Oracle), Art Technology Group (Oracle), just to mention a few. If you work in sales, Marketing, or support, you tend to join after the big stock positions have been given away.

Current stock holdings include: Dropbox, bit9 / Carbon Black, Nuodb, Diffeo, ZappRx, just to mention a few.

Examples of associate profiles who had successful careers at HTV:

Myself: BSEE and BS Economics, MBA University of Chicago, 4 years sales and presales experience with Intel. Got into the search business at 25 years of age.

Head of our California office: BS English, 12 years sales experience, worked for a big company for 5 years, moved on to a startup company which got acquired. Joined HTV at 32.

Boston Based Associate - MA Economics, MBA Harvard, consultant at Bain, worked in investment banking. Great interpersonal skills, great listener, really got it!

Other Associate: BSCS, 5 years as an engineer, had great people skills and want to move into more or customer related role

Other examples include associates who came back from a sabbatical or were out of the industry for personal reasons, and had great skills in high tech. They wanted some flexibility (maybe part time, or ease into full time), and were able to work in the office for at least 6 months before working from home.

Profiles that didn't work out.

Executive and CEO of successful companies; came up through sales and marketing. Could do the job but really missed the management aspect.

Had management roles in past companies, and could not embrace the 'individual contributor' nature of the job, at times feeling this job is a step back.

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