Should I be doing a startup?

We are looking for founders and founding teams. We offer "A" class office space on Newbury Street, seed funding, due diligence services, searches for that missing executive or engineer, and introductions to customers who again can help with the due diligence process. We help you answer the most basic question: not if my idea is great, but more should I be doing a startup - Am I or are we as a team startup material?


Companies who started in our space include: Dropbox, Bit9/Carbon Black, NuoDb, just to mention a few.


We have owned stock in numerous successful companies which include: Bladelogic (public then acquired by BMC) Speechworks (public then acquire by Nuance), Endeca (Oracle), DynamicOps (VMWare) and Vermeer (Microsoft), just to mention a few.


Current stock holdings include: Dropbox, bit9 / Carbon Black, Nuodb, Diffeo, ZappRx, just to mention a few.


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