Product Overview    

PeopleStream®: Leveraging the Enterprise’s People Network

Look at your business cards. Or your Outlook folder. Or your handheld address book. What do you see? Static shots of your contacts - information about where any given individual was at a given time. The typical view of a person in contact management systems is one-dimensional as it only includes contact information, such as Name, Company, Address, Phone number and Email address.

The PeopleStream view of an individual adds an important second dimension: his work history. For each individual, imagine stacking several of his former business cards, with the current one on top. That stack contains important information about the person -- just the kind of information that is overwritten by most contact management systems: the companies this person has been associated with over time.

To work history, PeopleStream adds a third dimension: associations between people. Whom does this individual know and value? With whom has he actually worked, or does he know from other activities, such as sitting on the same board, or being part of the same executive management team.

Based upon this three dimensional view of a person, PeopleStream connects networks, or streams of trusted people and gives you the tools to navigate those networks to find and leverage the right people at the right time.

The System

PeopleStream is the only system that lets enterprises gather and use historical and association data and provides tools to leverage these extended people networks. It is purposely architected to capture the association data around people, to track their trusted networks, and to put to use that data to accomplish specific business goals, such as opening doors; performing due diligence; producing pre-referenced call lists, finding experts; finding the right new hire.

The Data

The PeopleStream system gives you the tools to gather information about the people networks of your employees and business partners into one enterprise system. We jump start each installation with part of PeopleStream’s extensive database of companies and executives. Then we use the import tools to add your corporate and users’ contact databases - whether those data reside in Outlook folders; spreadsheets; personal data assistants like Palm®; databases like dBase® or Access®; applications like Act® or Goldmine®; or enterprise SFA, CRM or ERP applications.

The Application

You use PeopleStream through an intuitive web interface. Each individual is fully represented through his work history, education, job description, board seats, and people associations.

With our patent pending querying technology you will leverage your company’s relationships in far more depth than ever before. You can search on attributes (queries based on name or address, e.g.), associations (past employees of a company competitors, e.g.) and networks (narrowing the search to people or companies in a given network).

Every search produces actionable lists - once you have located a group of people, you can use it immediately to email, call or send it to someone for review, or as a lead list. PeopleStream gives you the tools to manage groups of individuals from various networks collectively, but to communicate with them as individuals.

Other Goodies (we know you use Outlook®)

We also provide an Outlook add-on so you can look at your contacts either through our web interface, or through Outlook.

PeopleStream has all of the pipeline management and reporting activities that you’d expect from an enterprise product. It also lets you track activities in any way you like (by people, company, product, customer, user or date).

PeopleStream is built on industry standard Microsoft components and can run on a server in your office or ours.