Product Overview    

PeopleStream® produces a system that allows you to use your people network better. And not only your network. But your colleagues’ networks as well. This extended network contains all of the people you know and value, combined with their valued network, and so on. At the heart of our system are a data warehouse, an association engine, a front-end application, and synchronization tools.

The data warehouse contains information from over 90,000 companies that we have gathered over 15 years. It includes information on executives, their work history, whom they have worked with, as well as company competitors, investors, investments, and the interconnections between them. Our data or yours, combined with the information you have about their associations (who knows and values whom), yield a powerful database that you can leverage. We connect your Rolodex® to the world.

The association engine uses patent pending technology to look at the associations between people to create actionable lists - groups of people that can be managed collectively and still be communicated with as individuals.

The web based front-end application lets you easily navigate and leverage your extended network. It is the application window onto your extended network and the data warehouse. The PeopleStream view of a person, unlike a typical contact management system, helps put context around people in your Rolodex - to view not only their typical contact information but their work history, education history, board seats and associations as well. PeopleStream helps you find entry points into target accounts, and locate your very best prospects: those associated with the deal you just closed. No other system allows you to find people around a target group of people. Use your network to get to where you want to be. Easily.

The synchronization tools assist with importing, exporting and synchronizing your contact information between the PeopleStream database and your Outlook folders. During the initial setup of the product, the import facility is used to easily import the data from an Outlook folder into PeopleStream. The export facility enables to export quickly contact data from PeopleStream to your personal Outlook folder. And synchronization facility keeps it all up to date. Multiple users can synchronize with the same records in PeopleStream; the synchronization tools manage the process so that the data can be shared and their integrity maintained.

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, PeopleStream was founded in 1998 by Ed Takacs. Takacs is well known in the technology industry for his impressive track record in investing and building successful teams in high tech and software start-ups. He has brought his strong domain knowledge of how to extend and leverage people networks to PeopleStream.

PeopleStream’s goal is to become the pervasive standard for Relationship Management. We produce the only system that lets enterprises gather and use historical and association data and provides tools to leverage these extended people networks. PeopleStream is what every contact management system should be. Its ease of use, extensive data, and ability to integrate with your own contact data will make it the most productive system that you have ever used.

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