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PeopleStream is the platform for venture capitalists that enables the proactive management of your asset base: your network of contacts. Successful venture capitalists know that the best opportunities will most likely emerge from the best people in their network, their firm’s network and their best people’s networks. PeopleStream makes it easy to track people, store connections, and keep in touch with your best contacts, PeopleStream provides the tools to let you combine the networks of all your partners into one centralized database and to easily manage your entire firm’s network. With PeopleStream you can:

  • Get a full view of your firm’s extended network

  • Keep in touch with your network easily
  • Perform due diligence on prospective investments. Find the right experts in the field to verify the technology. Perform reference checks on the founders and key employees you don’t know

  • Help your portfolio companies by easily qualifying candidates for employment. You’re not limited to the people you know, as you can leverage your entire extended network to reference check someone or generate lead lists

  • Help your portfolio companies with business introductions that will open doors by finding entry points into target accounts

  • Help your portfolio companies qualify their ideas by providing access to your network of experts